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Igniting the Internal Fire

By Siri Kirin Kaur

If you google anger you will find many responses about how to handle it: anger management, controlling anger, dealing with anger in 5 ways, 8 ways, 10 ways. You will also find information on where the anger comes from—fear, hurt, injustice or frustration. Those things happen every day to most of us and therefore, we all have anger issues.

Anger issues are a facet of the Agni Tattva, one of the five elemental forces. The five elements are earth, water, fire, air and ether. They have five projections and anger is a projection of the fire or Agni Tattva. Depending on how unbalanced we are in that particular tattva, it may control us.

Anger can help us maintain the well-being of our physical body. Used in a positive way, if we can notice when we get angry and why, then we can learn what to do to improve our lives. Anger can motivate self-change.

For example, you might feel anger after learning that you have been diagnosed with IBS and now have to be extremely careful with your diet. That anger can be projected into learning all you can about the various supplements that might help and get you headed in the right direction to feel better overall.

There is a story in the KRI Aquarian Teacher Training manual about a person on the spiritual path and his encounters with his teachers. Fire was his fifth teacher and taught him to burn with such a spiritual vigor that he burns away people’s karmas and gives them comfort as well.

Reading a wonderful story is nice but if we all burn with anger and that anger comes out more in aggression or yelling or setting our heart racing, we are hurting all who are near and dear to us, and mostly ourselves. Anger can damage our body, relationships and life.

Kundalini Yoga can transform the fire tattva (anger issues) into a peaceful nature, but it takes discipline.

Lately, I’ve been angry at situations and people who I judge as hurting others. I’ve also had physical symptoms like heart palpitations and stomach cramps. Those physical symptoms were a wake-up call to get in control of my emotion but not squelch it.

Yesterday I tuned into Summer Solstice from here in Texas and watched and listened and participated in Jai Dev’s class. I realized after the class that I was walking around ten feet off the ground and at peace.

Why? Because in that class I encountered energy in my body, and it dissipated all kinds of adverse emotions. Jai Dev spoke about the power of the Kundalini practice and that even by doing the basic warmups of shoulder twist, cat/cow or windmill, we can ignite the fire within and burn up karma and negative energy. We enhance our glands and most of all we come to a neutral mind to be clear and do the right thing.

I have been doing Sadhana but in a lack luster fashion. Time to get going with enthusiasm and discipline. I need to send a spark to my kindling (my body and mind) and set it on fire.

One of my favorite kriyas is the Kriya to Relieve Inner Anger. It has the wonderful and stand-alone kriya, Sat Kriya, within it and the purpose is to release and transform. I suggest practicing it for 40 days. Record your feelings and thoughts and then on day 41, check out the good news!

Peace and Light always.

Kathe Forrest/Siri Kirin Kaur is a certified Kundalini and Hatha yoga teacher who lives and teaches in the Brenham,Texas area. The 40 Day Sadhana Companion ~ A Guided Journal, which Kathe authored is available through Spirit Voyage and Amazon. It is now in English and Italian and soon to be in Spanish. Kathe encourages 40 day practitioners to join the Facebook group Yogis who practice 40 days and share your experiences.