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Teacher Spotlight: Guru Rattan Kaur

By Panch Nishan Kaur

Guru Rattan Kaur is one of the first Kundalini Yoga teachers in the city of Ribeirão Preto, which is in the Interior of the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. She runs Yoga Integral, a yoga studio and healing center connected to her home. Through her journey as a Kundalini Yoga student and teacher, Guru Rattan has undergone profound healing and creates an opportunity for healing for others from the honesty of her own transformation.

Upon meeting and speaking with Guru Rattan I was immediately transfixed by the light in her eyes and the beauty and courage emanating from her life’s journey. Starting this life as an orphan herself, Guru Rattan immediately identified with the life and frequency of Guru Ram Das. Her gratitude for life is palpable and she has found many ways to express it through service, teaching, and inspiring others through her own healing journey.

From looking at her picture you would never guess that Guru Rattan almost died just a few months before. She has struggled for many years with chronic illnesses that have brought her close to death’s door a few times. She described a time when she was too weak to walk but refused to cancel her Kundalini Yoga class. She found herself crawling to class and using every ounce of life force she had to sit on the teaching platform. By the end of class she was strong enough to stand. She attributes her profound transformation and healing to being in the frequency of the golden chain and serving through teaching Kundalini Yoga.

Guru Rattan fosters community through service. Students and teachers at Yoga Integral collect clothes for people in need. They also work with institutions that take children from the street and teach them skills and give job training. With her strong missionary spirit Guru Rattan has traveled to some of the poorest towns and cities in Brazil to offer Kundalini Yoga, and believes that Kundalini Yoga teachers must stretch themselves beyond their comfort zone and become the ideal as they serve those in need.

Given her health challenges, she is no longer able to travel but encourages her daughter and other young people in the community to do what she no longer can. Guru Rattan is also passionate about creating integration between the generations and finds this work evokes healing, friendship, community, and transformation.

I treasured the time I spent with Guru Rattan as a precious gift. She is one of the most delightful, honest beings I have ever met. Her capacity to share her life’s challenges and her healing journey with such joy—simply hearing her words and seeing the deep presence and consciousness in her eyes as she spoke them—took me through my own metamorphosis. There are so many beautiful teachers and practitioners of Kundalini Yoga around the world. Guru Rattan Kaur is a prime example. It is her prayer that on her last breath she is of service through teaching Kundalini Yoga.