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Yogic Hair Care

Your hair is your crowning glory as a woman, vital to the pituitary gland, and the entire endocrine system, including the ovaries. The lining and arrangement of the hair on the head is a psychological facet that determines the action and reaction of the pituitary. It can change a woman’s entire life if she puts her hair up on her solar center during the day, combs it with a wooden comb and wears it down in a braid at night.

Under most circumstances, the hair should be covered. Two thirds of the world’s population keeps their hair covered, in some form or another. Just because they no longer know why, doesn’t mean you have to remain in the dark: Covering the hair is a grace, a Grace of God. If you muscle test someone, they will always be stronger when the crown of their head is covered—even if it’s with something as flimsy as a napkin. Imagine the effect of consciously wrapping the hair and covering the crown.

Hair is the only instrument, which directly provides vitamin D from the sun to the brain. The brain needs more vitamin D than any other organ in the body. Hair should be washed every 72 hours, because the scalp secretions can irritate a woman’s nervous system. The hair should never be combed while wet; this stretches the hair shaft and can cause breakage. Instead, let the hair dry naturally, in the sun if possible, and then brush the hair.

Regular oiling of the scalp and hair with almond oil mixed with sandalwood is very healing for the hair. Also yogurt massaged into the scalp, and allowed to rest for half an hour, then washed out can leave the scalp and hair silky and strong.

For the normal health of your eyes, menstrual cycle, and long maintenance of your youth, it is obligatory to use a wooden comb. Comb the hair up, forward, back, down, and so on. This is for circulation and stimulation of the scalp. The wooden comb acts to stabilize the magnetic field and prevents breakage of the ends of the hair shaft.

A firm, natural bristle brush is also recommended to stimulate the scalp without harming the hair.

The eyebrows control the deep analytical working of the brain and should never be plucked or otherwise disturbed.

Shaving the hair on the body adversely affects the magnetic field and sympathetic nervous system. By shaving the hair on the legs, the electromagnetic field of the lower spine is altered.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

Photo by Raphael Gaillarde

[Source: I AM A Woman]