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Evolutionary Astrology: Nov 2012—Rise Up, Fall Prey or Numb Out

By Himat Kaur Khalsa

Neptune takes approximately 168 years to revolve around the Sun. In February 2012, it finished its transition from the sign of Aquarius into Pisces, where it will be until it begins making its way into Aries in 2025.

Neptune moving through the sign it rules, Pisces, is particularly strong in the Neptunian/Piscean vibration. On the high end of expression, themes include inspiration, revelation, deep spiritual experience (not intellect, but experience), and a divine discontent that churns us to reach for something greater. On the “low” end of its expression, themes include fogginess, confusion, escape, despair, addiction, and sometimes subterfuge.

Neptune churns evolution through dissolving what no longer fits in our lives whether we agree with the assessment or are attached to things none-the-less. Neptune can seem subtle and beyond our conscious awareness, but are confusion and fogginess really that subtle? We feel the frustration of things being difficult to identify and pin down. We feel the absence of concrete structures around which we can frame our lives. We feel ungrounded and like we’re walking on a high wire without a safety net. Sometimes our confusion and lack of grounding is not subtle at all, but instead very obvious and disorienting!

Throughout history, when Neptune has been in Pisces, the world has seen the emergence of new religions/spiritual movements, and the spread of some existing religions. It’s as though humanity was perhaps unconsciously hungry for a more passionate experience of emersion into Spirit, or submission to whatever “God” one clings to.

To site just a few examples of religions arising or spreading during historical times of Neptune in Pisces:



  • In 45 AD, with Neptune in Aquarius, St. Paul started his journeys to the seven churches of “Asia” (now known as Turkey); that continued the rest of his life. Beyond the four gospels, most of the Biblical New Testament is the story of bringing Christianity to the Mediterranean world. This explosion of Christianity occurred largely during the period of Neptune in Pisces from 47 AD to 61 AD.



  • In that same cycle, in 58 AD, Buddhism entered China. It was essentially the same story. While Paul was going to “Asia,” Buddhism was spreading into China, transforming that culture, and spreading as fast as lightning.



  • From 701 to 716 AD, humanity saw an explosion of Islam across almost the entire world. The Moors invaded Spain in 711. In 712, the Muslim state was established in Pakistan. By 715, in just a decade and a half, the Muslim world spread from France and Spain (the Pyrenees), across North Africa, Asia, India, Indonesia, to China.



  • During the period of 1520 to 1534, Martin Luther was condemned as a heretic and excommunicated (in 1521). He nailed his 99 theses to the church door at Wittenburg, condemning the corruption of the Catholic Church.



The gist of this key theme of Neptune in Pisces is this: People are hungry and ready for a new metaphor, a new perspective and approach and especially a new experience of religion or spirituality, something filled with deep inspiration and passion. On some level, people want to get beyond intellectual ideas and have the spiritual experience, particularly an experience that feels “alive,” inspiring, moving. What they find and adopt may or may not be the clearest experience and expression of our souls. We should never mistake the urge for a deeper, more meaningful spiritual experience with the readiness for the “Ultimate Truth.” I have said before that human evolution takes time, and we are so impatient to see things change fast and for the better. We often don’t have patience to wait out the slow progress of the larger, collective social level.

What can we expect during these approximately 15 years of Neptune’s dance through its own sign of Pisces? I expect we will see the full gamut of possibilities on the spectrum of archetypes, including:



  • People feeling tossed and blown about by the winds of fate, and from a place of incredible insecurity, clinging to smaller beliefs and concepts and paradigms that are actually limiting and holding them down.



  • People feeling like they’re swimming in a foggy, nebulous sea of confusion, like they’re free-falling without a safety net; and from that internal space, feeling utterly victimized by life, and seeking escape in anything that numbs them to the pain and insecurity they experience.



  • People reaching out for more understanding and experience of limitlessness, reaching beyond their previous experiences and paradigms, opening to new spiritual experiences and beliefs that permanently change their internal realities for the better, and with no turning back. Thankfully, the mind stretched beyond its previous limitations can never completely go back to that smaller state, no matter how much we might wish to and try to.



What might the highest possible expression of Neptune in Pisces look like? Beginning its transit of Pisces during the current three years of Uranus-Pluto squares, Neptune could assist in dissolving our fears of authority and our projection of control as outside of ourselves. The rebellious, freedom-and-equality-seeking push of the Uranus-Pluto squares could assist us in throwing off the control and suppression of those who would take advantage or undermine us individually and societally. Where religious ideas and leaders have undermined our own internal experience of Truth and our Divinity, we could shrug off limiting paradigms and structures, expanding ourselves into a deeper experience of God within. If we “get it right” over the next few years, our growing mastery of the emotions and subconscious overflow will facilitate a deeper experience and identification with Har Naam/Sat Naam/God Within (high vibration of Neptune in Pisces for the next 15 years).

What might lower expressions of Neptune in Pisces look like? In the face of the pressures and decisions of leaders in control of major facets of our lives, people could choose not to rise up and be heard and demand their freedom and equality. We could see loss of representation in our social structures, and a lack of solid foundation and security. If we don’t navigate it so well, intense emotions and subconscious overflow (low Pluto) cause human drama and commotion and messes, and we could ride the victim mentality at the low end of Pisces’ archetypal range.

I mentioned it in my October article, but I want to mention again in this critical month of November, that Mercury goes retrograde on Election Day. It is so vitally important that people stand up and vote to make their voices, opinions and desires heard.

Not long ago, Egypt had its first democratic elections, which then had to be redone some months later. The winners of the election were from a predominant Muslim faction that did not reflect the will of the people who fought for changes. In the wave of Arab Spring, Egyptians have risen up to take a stand for social rights and freedoms, such as electing their own leaders, but they are still developing the infrastructure of democracy. They need to further develop their democratic processes, so other candidates who reflect different beliefs and interests and paradigms actually run for election. They have a ways to go, but they are on the road to developing representative democracy. At this point in that development, the choice was one many saw as voting for the lesser of two evils, simply because those were only a couple of major candidates who ran for election in Egypt.

There have been many in the U.S. who talk of feeling disgruntled at the two presidential options running for election this Fall. It’s important to remember that while citizens at the grass roots level strive to develop other options, we still face a choice between two major candidates. If we don’t make our voices heard, expressing our preference for the greater of the two options, we may end up dealing with the problems of the lesser of two options/”evils.” If citizens of the United States do not rise up and integrate larger social awareness and participation, we will be subject to the agendas of those who step up to take control. The cost of non-participation is high, because if we don’t speak our conscience and vote, we passively subject ourselves to the whims and desires of others that may be bad for us.

This is a critical time when we can either use the energies of Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, and Saturn in Scorpio to overhaul the limiting agendas and social structures of those in control, to rise up and speak our minds and demand freedoms and equality, or fall victim to those who will presume to speak for us and perhaps work against us. We can either use Neptune in Pisces to dissolve what no longer works and rise up to change things, or fail to act and struggle in the aftermath of results that may not reflect what we’d wished.

Regularly and intently through 2025 with Neptune in Pisces, keep anchoring the experience and understanding of God within. “God and Me—Me and God—Are One.”

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